Heimweh a collection of men’s lingerie

Belgian Heimweh, based in Antwerp, presented the first collection of men’s lingerie, characterized by high-quality workmanship and materials. Sandro Faber, who is a brand launched 2010th, seeking inspiration in classic models and comfort.

Translated Heimweh means homesick – a feeling that we are missing something we can not go back, but we can appreciate the beautiful memories, objects, smells, memories of someone we loved or still love …

Heimweh reflects the designer’s dualistic nature, romantic and rough, soft and wild, and its complex past. Born in Switzerland in a family of Croatian immigrants, he returned to Croatia as a boy, after which he was educated in the United States and Belgium. Heimweh said his search for identity and a place that will be able to call home.

He was born in Zagreb in 1974. After completing his studies at the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb, Sandro Faber went to Antwerp, where he graduated in 2002. the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Department of fashion. He worked as a freelance designer for various fashion houses in Italy and Belgium.

The first line consists of five models – underwear, boxers, camisole, classic T-shirt and the “all in one”. Currently offered in two colors, and the price is 29-49 euros.
These basic pieces every season will be supplemented by new ones.
The collection is produced exclusively in Europe and now can be purchased through the web shop, and soon in selected multibrand stores.

+32 (0) 473 81 75 62

www.facebook.com / heimweh.men

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