Marinush handmade unique jewelry is inspired by nature and is a mixture of different styles: the cute animal characters, to almost realistic natural forms such as leaves and flowers – in the form of necklaces, brooches, rings, earrings …
The basic elements that are present in each piece are certainly vivid colors and highly detailed and rich textures. Behind the magic Marinush world is Marina Andrin, which is near the jewelry charge of photography and design.
How did it all begin?

“It’s kind of jewelry to come naturally and logically. I’ve always enjoyed the creative work as a kid did not lose markers and crayons, and now they are clay and wire. And when we add to all this the fact that I’m crazy about jewelry, the result is clear. ”
What do you do when you are not jewelery?

“When you do not make jewelry finishing fax (Department of Graphic Engineering and Design at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad). Moreover – travel, hang out with nice people, rattling analogue camera absorb diversified music and general all around me, and all that accumulated inspiration after imparting the jewelry (or design – which is currently in second place). ”

As the scene develops in Serbia as far as jewelry designers?

“As for the scene in Serbia, not very commendable. This of course refers to the relatively weak response of people when they are handmade and unique works are concerned, the situation in the country (which prevents you from some key technical things that he has – all of this would be much easier, and it would make more sense), and and the all-too crisis. However, I believe that the “better” time is yet to come and that the effort and hard work always pay off. If you believe in what you are doing. Also, the trend of handmade jewelry has increased sharply in the last couple of years, then you have a myriad of authors in which the quality and originality of the work objectionable. It is the same with many bazaars / Market, where then have poor attendance by. But besides all this, in Serbia there are a lot of great creators whose works and ideas and very overwhelmed, and recently springing up and better organized places for sale, shops, etc. Again we come back to that if you give their maximum in what you do, the door you finally open itself. Channels for promotion and sales always there, only to be found. And then the people themselves come to you.
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