Summerspell by NehaNeha

Behind NehaNeha brand lies in textile design student from Varazdin. I started drawing on sneakers and I slowly building up its brand redesign vintage clothes that would also portray. A new collection called Summerspell I sewed and painted and completed with a redesigned pieces consisting of a light summer dress, sauces, tops and denim shorts with Indian symbols, Mandal and various ornaments that evoke the spirit of the 60s and 70s.
Summerspell collection is inspired by the hippie country rock style, and the story was placed in nature and there to find inspiration, just like they used to do Gram Parsons and Keith Richards in the California desert, and Jim Morrison, who had a spiritual link to the desert. For photos we took care of my brother Igor Kliček and I used the two models Ana Leskovar and Iva Hansen who embodies two intrepid hippie girl on the way.

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