Glass jewelry Divina

After ten years of practice shaping wire and trying out a variety of other media, game of Antonija Gospić in the glass began three years ago. Working in the shop of the Museum of Ancient Glass opened a number of new features and expanded creative horizons. Today, as an employee of the museum, along with a fellow glassblower Mark Štefanec, manufactures unique glass objects and jewelry in the museum gift shop. Its own range, which combines hand  glass and wire, create leisure, in his home studio. She perfected their skills closely Abate Zanetti in Murano, where she finished the course of processing glass and making glass objects on the burner, and an advanced course of making glass beads, mentored by U.S. artist Kristina Logan. At CCTC I passed the master’s exam, and with a degree of master glazier. Her  jewelry is completely handmade and unique, or is part of a small series of several pieces, with very few industrially produced supplements.

Pictures here!

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